Rylan Rafferty is a film and television editor in Los Angeles.

Motion Picture Editors Guild – IATSE 700


Clean Up Crew (Feature)
Starring Antonio Banderas, Melissa Leo

Bitch Ass (Feature | SXSW)
Starring Teon Kelley, Tunde Laleye

Shrapnel (Feature)
Starring Jason Patric, Cam Gigandet

The Binge (Feature | Hulu) (Additional Editor)
Starring Vince Vaughn, Skylar Gisondo


Three Busy Debras (Season 2 | Adult Swim)
Exec Producer Amy Poehler

Launchpad Shorts (Season 1-2 | Disney+)

“Maxine” Starring Margaret Cho

“Growing Fangs

Kidding (Season 2 | Showtime)
Starring Jim Carrey, Frank Langella

Curated (Pilot Presentation | Newform)
Starring Jameela Jamil

Snatchers! (Season 3 | Go90)

Ghost Story Club (Season 1 | truTV)

Art Thiefs (Pilot | Super Deluxe)
Starring Maria Bamford

Dress Up Gang (Season 1 | TBS)
Starring Andie MacDowell