Jess is a Clown Now

Short Film | Coming soon!

A clown-flavored home invasion horror/comedy about a young woman who’s trying to enjoy her snack–or is she? There’s a twist, and then a few more twists, a magical hat, a sparkly antidote, and of course, blood! The film centers around two women who recently broke up, and one is out for revenge.

Horror / Comedy, 12mins.

Playing with Spiders

Short Film | 2021

On the eve of ritual suicide, the most devout follower in a spider-worshiping cult receives a visit from a powerful demon. With dawn approaching, she must choose between this demonic spider or her abusive leader.

Horror, 11mins.

How 2 with Leah Watson

webseries | 2017

Step by step solutions to problems you didn’t know you had! Follow Leah Watson as she teaches you life hacks like “How 2 Have a Favorite Animal” and “How 2 Fix Your Printer” (without opening an inter-galactic wormhole).



short film | 2018

Four siblings go to great lengths to secure a pet for their parents. This film was made for the Los Angeles 48 Hour Film Project.

Horror / Comedy, 8mins.

The Happy Go-Lucky Sunshine Twins

Short Film | 2013

Pre-teen twins Wanda and Rhonda meet their future selves who’ve traveled through time to tear each other apart.

Horror / Comedy, 8mins.

The Mortal Coils

“Two Fish”

webseries | 2012

The souls of those who experience sudden death are met by a corporate grief counselor, who helps them transition to the afterlife. Produced by the 2012 CU Denver Episodic Production class.