A clown-flavored home invasion horror/comedy about a young woman who’s trying to enjoy her snack–or is she? There’s a twist, a few more twists, a magical hat, too many arms, and of course, blood! The film centers around two women who recently broke up, and one is out for revenge. It’s “Alice in Wonderland” meets “Halloween.”

Horror / Comedy, 11mins.


MAR 29, 2023

We finished up the sound mix with the amazing sound mixer John Chamberlin and sound designer Evan Haley. These two absolutely killed! Now that the film has been finalized, we’re ready to submit to festivals.

MAR 6, 2023

At long last, the film is picture-locked with completed VFX. We welcomed two talented collaborators to Team Clown, colorist Temesgen Gebremeskel and composer Carla Patullo. The film is currently in the final stage of sound mixing, which will be followed closely by film festival submissions! Stay tuned for more.

APR 2, 2022

We successfully funded our Indiegogo Campaign, including two stretch goals, with 39 incredibly generous backers. Thank you to all of our members of Team Clown!